Corporate Growth Hacking

What’s important about Corporate Growth hacking? You need to know that it’s different compared to regular growth hacking.

Corporate Growth Hacking is different

Why? You need to understand the different context you’re operating in.

You don’t leave this room before three experiments are live

One of the first corporate clients that I worked with for a full growth team engagement provided a perfect example of this philosophy. At the start of each engagement I hosted a workshop on the seven pillars of growth hacking, the model which I had created. The goal of the workshop was to find enough impactful ideas that we could also get to go live during that workshop. It was a true stress test for many people in the room, as it didn’t involve a long cycle of planning and execution.

During the workshop people wrote down their ideas and together we decided which ones could go live. We managed to get three experiments live for newsletter subscriptions acquired using a pop-up. The tooling that was available made it easier for us to deploy it that same day.

The great thing about this engagement was that finance provided us with
solid numbers on the lifetime value. This made it easier for us to calculate the impact of an experiment and make our pitch to the board. We were able to show the board an impact that had already paid for the first three months of our engagement. Just out of that first workshop! Now that’s a quick and big win!

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