About Me

My passion is to continually discover new ways to grow your business.

I’ve spent thousands and thousands of hours growing companies, following courses, and reading books about growth. Every minute I get more and more excited about this topic.

Internationally recognized Growth Expert

I’ve been recognized as an international growth expert. Why?

New expertise

I continuously bring new knowledge and expertise to my clients to enable more and better growth.

Dream big

I challenge my clients to levels they didn’t think of. We think small if you can dream big.

Cultural transformation

I understand how culture plays a major role in transforming a company for growth.

Choosing the right clients

I only work with companies that are ready for growth. Experts who promise that they can turn around every company are talking bullshit.

The power of frameworks

I believe in the power of books, courses, and frameworks. Building mental models are not perfect, but it’s the fastest way to get you in the right direction.

Speed over everything

This is something that a lot of people say but not a lot of people are capable of doing. Different personality tests that I’ve done have scored me as a top quick start, so if you work with we will start fast!

Everything can be learned

Yes, talent is nice but in today’s world with the internet there are no excuses to make your hands dirty and start something yourself.

Validation through preselling

Asking for money upfront is the ultimate form of validation. So many companies struggle with this ultimate test of business.

Finding freedom

Growth must bring freedom. If you’re growing your company and your leadership team is not gaining more freedom to work on higher-level initiatives, something is wrong.

People make all the difference

People have the most impact on growth. It’s your team that makes the biggest impact.

Crack the code for your growth

In the last 10+ years, I’ve worked with hundreds of companies, and to do this successfully I’ve studied all the great growth masters out there.


Digital transformations – growth hacking – growth teams – advertising – branding – cro – a/b testing – funnels – landing pages -growth strategy – etc. I’ve seen and done it all.
Conclusion: Growth Levers are the 1 thing that make all the difference


Multiple times awarded as top 10 Global Growth Hacking Agency and won multiple prestigious awards in digital transformation and growth.


Spoke around the world about growth hacking. Lecturer at a prestigious Business school in The Netherlands.


Bootstrapped and grown a team from 15 to 80+ people in an agency environment, so I know the struggle. I’ve build growth teams for startups, scaleups and corporates. I know what type of people you need to extremely grow your revenue!


I’ve helped hundreds of companies with their growth challenges. So I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

What’s the one thing I can help you with?

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