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Find your Growth Lever

Only a very small fraction of what you do really matters for your growth. Your Growth Levers. The 1% actions that generates 50+% of the results.
Find that 1% and you’ve found your key to grow more predictably resulting in higher revenue, higher EBITDA and higher valuations.  

But there is one problem. So many companies don’t know how to spot those growth levers. 

Let me help you find them, implement them quickly, and help you build a team to build those levers succesfully. 


Here’s what I learned while growing hundreds of companies

I’ve launched, grown, and sold one of the world’s best growth hacking agencies.

Getting companies in the mindset of rapid testing across the entire customer journey is hard. 

So I tried to find a way where I could make the biggest impact, sustainably and with the least effort.

What really matters is finding your growth levers. 


Find your Growth Lever

Why are some companies growing like crazy and others don’t while their product looks the same?
Why is it that while companies that started at the same time, in the same market, with a similar product, experience different growth rates?

Extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you can make your focus.

Pareto Principle

If you take the 20/80 of 20/80, it means that 4% of your actions generate 64% of your results. If we would take 20% of the 4% that generates 80% of the 64% of the results? 0,8% of your actions generate 51,2% of your results.

One Thing Theory

What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary? What if you could narrow your focus on that ONE Thing, the 1% that generates over 50% of your results?

Growth Levers = 1% actions that generate 50%+ of your growth results

If you focus on critical actions, think in terms of leverage and increase your speed of execution, you can make all the difference.

Why do entrepreneurs hire me?

Grow your revenue strategically 

Rapid ROI improvement

Generate more revenue out of your current marketing channels, sales strategies and new product launches 
Perfect for Bootstrapped companies

Revenue for funding

Generate more (early-stage) revenue for a successful next funding round
Perfect for VC-backed or Corporate Ventures

Scaling for exit

Grow your revenue and build a team that runs the business, so you can exit your business with the highest possible valuation 

How do I work?

In three simple and effective steps we get your lever live and generate extra revenue for your growth


Find your Growth Lever

Identify your biggest growth lever for your next quarter / 90 days


Implementation Plan

A plan to map the skill set, resources & software that are necessary for a successful implementation


Guide Execution

Set up and train a team that can execute this growth lever quickly. I help you build, hire and train the team.

But, don’t take my word for it…

Here’s what one of my clients says about me.


When can we work together?

I work with companies that are ready for upscaling their revenue growth 
You have a growth team in place, but if not I can help you build one
You have a great product
You want to invest in your growth
You have a growth mindset