A brand and revenue breakthrough in one day.

Your strongest growth strategy always goes hand in hand with your most profitable positioning in the market.

What if you could get extreme clarity on both in a matter of hours?

Waitlist for Exclusive Masterclass in Dutch – The first Masterclass of April 20 was sold out in 10 days

The first masterclass on April 20 was sold out within 10 days. Be quick for the masterclass on June 2 or 16!

What happens to your company… if you have extreme clarity about your greatest growth opportunity and strongest positioning in the market?

Are you looking for?

…That growth strategy that leads to a major turnover breakthrough?

…The positioning in the market that makes your competitors immediately irrelevant?

Do you want to realize a major breakthrough in your brand and turnover, but…

… are you short on time and it needs to be done quickly?

…don’t you have time for long consultancy processes that mainly yield powerpoints?

And above all, don’t feel like floating cut-and-paste sessions with creatives about your brand?

You need strong positioning that generates new revenue.

Marieke Pijler and Chris Out show that this does not have to take years, months or weeks.

It can be done in 1 day.

Be there during the one-day ‘Brand and Turnover Breakthrough’ Masterclass on waitlist.


Through a unique, new combination of expertise that you will not find anywhere else.

What if you combine the principles of growth hacking and positioning to achieve a breakthrough in your market?

Many agencies, self-proclaimed positioning experts, marketers, and growth hackers will tell you that it takes a lot to get to the heart of your brand and revenue growth opportunities. They have to get to know the business well and really ‘feel’ the brand. As a result: you pay a fortune for market research, purpose sessions and expensive consultancy processes.

But does it really have to take that long? NO!

An expert quickly gets to the heart of the matter.

An amateur takes a long time or does not come at all.

Marieke Pijler and Chris Out both have a proven track record. They allow companies like yours to quickly achieve a brand and revenue breakthrough. Both internationally and in the Netherlands. From billionaires, corporates to quite a few agencies. We do it differently than others.

An undiscovered formula that helps companies quickly to extreme clarity and a breakthrough.

Over the past year, Chris and Marieke worked under the radar for growing brands that faced huge choices. In the process, we discovered a unique formula to get them to maximum growth and their most profitable positioning in the market in no time. This formula cannot be found anywhere else – we discovered the blueprint ourselves. We are so convinced that in breakthrough sessions we let our customers choose for themselves whether they wanted to pay our consultancy fee or not. 100% of our customers were mindblown and paid the bill with love. How is that possible?

The real problem that many companies never get to a really good positioning that leads to a big revenue breakthrough is that they saw brand strategy and growth strategy as two separate matters. But positioning and growth hacking cannot exist without each other, because ‘positioning is the mother of all sales.’

That’s why our customers have often been annoyed by all the experts they’ve hired. And above all, they have paid themselves blue. Blue to overpriced consultancy without guarantees, where to make matters worse, they were saddled with a battery of junior consultants. Blue to long-winded PowerPoint sessions and ‘full service’ marketing clubs, which, despite considerable marketing costs, did not get the real breakthrough.

Why you don’t have that clarity now.

Other parties lack the formula that we have in our hands. That’s one where growth hacking and positioning come together in such a way that we can quickly uncover the gold vein in your company.

Regular advisors, full service marketing agencies and even prestigious consultancy clubs lack the “Scar Tissue” needed for this. If you have done this very often, especially at your own expense and risk, you will learn very quickly what you should and should not pay attention to. Those consultants at large agencies have never eaten a sandwich less if their advice was not good enough. We do!

Who are you, and why should I believe you?

Who is Marieke Pijler? 

Marieke Pijler

Marieke Pijler is a brand strategist and business coach, although she hates ‘business coaches’ herself. She helps agencies, agencies and consultants to achieve their strongest, most profitable positioning: The place in the market where you can maximize your profits and where the competition pales. Marieke earned her stripes as a top seller and later became a brand strategist. With positioning as a specialization, “the mother of all sales”. Because ‘all very nice’, but a brand is only strong if it sells. With her approach and results, she was elected Businesswoman of the Year in Rotterdam in 2019. She trained the top of marketing land (including NIMA-C) and regularly speaks about positioning and branding.

Who is Chris Out? 

Chris Out

Chris Out is an international expert in growth hacking and structuring extreme revenue growth. He founded the first growth hacking agency in the Netherlands and successfully sold it in 2020. Chris is a much sought-after speaker and has been able to inspire people all over the world. He has been teaching for years at Beeckestijn Business School, Nyenrode (Digital Transformation) and TIAS (Executive MBA). Chris guides organizations worldwide in their transformation to extreme revenue growth. He recently published the book ‘Extreme Revenue Growth’ which immediately became a No. 1 bestseller in the English category on Managementboek.nl.

He has been teaching for years at Beeckestijn Business School, Nyenrode (Digital Transformation) and TIAS (Executive MBA).

Chris guides organizations worldwide in their transformation to extreme revenue growth.

WAITLIST Exclusive Masterclass , Amsterdam:

We would like to welcome you to the Van der Valk Amsterdam Amstel in Amsterdam during this full-day exclusive masterclass.

The group consists of a maximum of 15 people.

We have arranged an inspiring setting in which you arrive at your growth strategy and best positioning in one day.

  • In 30 minutes to your biggest growth opportunity in the market
  • Growth positioning: Find your strongest positioning: the bulls eye of your market
  • How does contrast increase for more sales and profitability?
  • Find out how to differentiate yourself from other players in such a way that you make them instantly irrelevant.
  • Power messaging: let customers understand your value, without ever having to convince them again. With this message you make your gold 10x sharper.
  • The fastest way to a strong growth strategy
  • The fastest way to a revenue breakthrough.

What do you walk out with?

  • A concrete action plan to position your brand more strongly and 3 concrete growth strategies for your turnover breakthrough.
  • Extreme clarity: the fog is gone before your eyes. You know exactly what to do.


  • In-house – 10,000 euros ex VAT (up to 30 people) – contact Chris about the possibilities.
  • Early Bird 795 euros ex VAT per person (until WAITLIST ENDS)
  • Just in time Bird 995 ex VAT per person (4 weeks before event)
  • Regular Price 1,295 ex VAT per person (last 2 weeks before event)

Location: Van der Valk Amsterdam Amstel in Amsterdam

Van der Valk Amsterdam

Date:  WAITLIST – In Dutch


You wonder…

  • What are the times? This one-day training takes place between 09:30 and 16:30. There will be a drink afterwards.
  • Van der Valk Amsterdam Amstel in Amsterdam Joan Muyskenweg 30 1096 CJ Amsterdam
  • You can cancel free of charge up to 6 weeks prior to the Masterclass. If you cancel later, your ticket will be moved to the next Masterclass date.

Crack your growth strategy and positioning in 1 day.

For who is this?

  • Agency owners who want a breakthrough with their agency.
  • Startup/Scaleup founders who want to achieve a breakthrough in a busy market, without having to use huge marketing budgets.
  • Consultants and Growth Hacking Freelancers who want to differentiate themselves strongly.

And for whom certainly not?

Our sessions are notorious for our directness and sharpness. You have to be able to. So in case of complaints that indicate long toes: please stay home. This day is also not for indecisive people – the procrastinators. During this masterclass, you will only surround yourself with a specific type of entrepreneurs: “the people who want to get everything they can out of all they got.” Do you just come to get “some inspiration”, but do you lack an action button? Then you, unfortunately, do not fit in this group.

In short: Only for decisive entrepreneurs who are ready for a breakthrough in their market.

See you at our next masterclass, get your ticket now!