• Meet your walking encyclopedia of personal development In 2010 I fully got the personal development virus. After reading the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People from Stephen Covey I went all-in on personal development. You see, some people have a natural talent for simple things like striking a conversation. Others, like me, have to learn it some other way. Therefore I was reading a lot of books and following many online courses. Something interesting happened
  • How can you make Growth Hacking work in almost any business? As I tell people a lot, growth hacking is a “Raped Buzzword.” There’s a lot written about it, but not many have understood and captured the true essence of growth hacking or growth marketing. In the last decade, I’ve worked with hundreds of organizations to implement this way of working and I’ve seen many roads to failure and success. People are constantly debating if
  • Extreme Revenue Growth Chris Out
    Quickly Monetize Your Biggest Opportunity Can you turn this Extreme Revenue Growth Book into 100.000 euros+ of extra revenue? That’s the question I continuously asked myself when I wrote this book. It was vital for me to give people an Extreme Revenue Growth Book with a clear roadmap. For example, a playbook can significantly impact their topline revenue. Because there’s an important lesson, I learned early in my career: Sales solves everything. Get the Ebook Right Now!
  • Would you like to grow your agency? Agency growth is a tough challenge but can also be a rewarding journey when done successfully. Let me take you on a journey and share the best strategies, frameworks, and tools I used to grow an agency with millions per year. When you want to dive in quickly, I can highly recommend you to read Million Dollar Consulting from Alan Weiss. How do you sell agency services? The biggest problem
  • Maximizing your revenue potential In 2019 I had a chat with Kees Koolen, the former CEO of We spoke about growing companies at an extremely high speed. Kees is now an investor, and he said something exciting when we talked about his criteria for investing in a company: Before I invest in a company, I want to see an exact rolling forward profit & loss statement for the next five years that shows how
  • Build your value ladder and increase your CLTV This lever is designed to maximize the value of your customer. You should never sell just one product or service at one price. Why? Because you’re leaving so much money on the table when you’re underserving your customers.  The money is in the list If you have an audience, which could be an email list or a customer list, there is a difference in what people are
  • Identify your Dream 100 and acquire new customers rapidly You only grow a business by doing one of these three things: Getting more clientsGetting a higher average order value per transaction – which means selling more per transaction Increasing the purchase frequency – getting your clients back more often to buy from you again This lever focuses on getting more clients.  A lot of companies hire me to help them with a go-to-market strategy. “Help us
  • An advanced Growth Hacking Strategy In my book Structuring for Extreme Revenue Growth, I share this advanced Growth Hacking Strategy. Do you know what’s essential? Many people would not admit it, but a LOT of things that we do in life and business don’t move the needle at all. So why does this happen? We’re not taught how to distinguish between what matters and whatnot. But if you study business extensively, you’ll get to this