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Law of 100

Growth Hack – The Law of 100 There’s one mistake I’ve made over and over in my career, and I know many others are making that same mistake, especially when you’re like me when your Kolbe profile states that you’re high on Quickstart. Untill I learned about the law of 100. I wasn’t following through enough Writing emails, blog posts, social media. Product creation Relationship building Leads follow up You name it, in many cases, …

Growth Hack Eating Your Own Dog Food

My first growth hack Many people have asked me about my first successful growth hack, eating your own dog food. This one resulted in a pivot of the company strategy, helping them raise millions of venture capital. Growth Hacking Influencer marketing One of my first clients was an influencer marketing platform. Influencers could tag products in their posts and earn a commission when somebody bought through their link. A “simple” model for the influencer to …

Tattoo Premium Effect

Should you get a tattoo to grow your business? Is it a wise business decision to get a tattoo? Meet the tattoo premium effect. The answer might surprise you. As you know, I’m all about understanding the best strategies to get my clients extreme revenue growth. And sometimes, I end up in some crazy rabbit holes online when browsing around for the latest growth hacking techniques. Let me share my latest discovery with you: Untill …


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