Tattoo Premium Effect

Should you get a tattoo to grow your business?

Is it a wise business decision to get a tattoo? Meet the tattoo premium effect. The answer might surprise you.

As you know, I’m all about understanding the best strategies to get my clients extreme revenue growth. And sometimes, I end up in some crazy rabbit holes online when browsing around for the latest growth hacking techniques.

Let me share my latest discovery with you:

Untill recently, it wasn’t wise to get a tattoo for your business growth, but new scientific research shows something different. It seems that influencers with a tattoo have a different effect on people. And you can use this principle too for your business.

Growth Insight – Tattoo Premium Effect

You don’t have to read the entire academic article, as I’ve already done that for you. These are the highlights you need to understand:

The Tattoo Premium effect:

“This form of unconventional appearance may even carry a “premium” effect regarding trustworthiness, expertise, and effectiveness, regardless of their gender and domain of interest”

“Body art, and particularly tattoos, may be perceived as a way of stating ones’ uniqueness and authenticity”trustworthiness, expertise, and effectiveness, regardless of their gender and domain of interest”

That’s where the key is.

Show your uniqueness and authenticity and you will be able to command a premium in the market. One way to get more unique is getting a tattoo or to add more contrast compared to your competition.

Do you know somebody that’d finds this useful?

A tattoo or a masterclass?

Luckily for you, there’s also another way to leverage the tattoo premium effect. On April the 20th, I’m hosting a One-Day masterclass with Marieke Pijler from Brand Density.

We will help you add more contrast to your positioning, so you don’t have to take a tattoo to stand out from the crowd. Then, once your positioning is precise, I’ll give you a roadmap towards extreme revenue growth based on the latest growth hacking strategies I’ve uncovered.

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