Growth Challenge

Welcome to the Growth Challenge!

In the coming 30 days, Marlies and I will help you with the implementation of your growth levers as discussed in our Growth Lever Cheat Sheet. 

Everyday between 6AM and 8AM CET you’ll receive an email with some background theory and an exercise to implement in your business. 

For your convenience, we’ve bundled all the theory and exercises that we will cover in the e-mails in these ebooks below. Go ahead, download them and get started already!

Download your eBooks here

Yes… we know, it’s a lot..

Some frameworks may be out of your comfort zone and/or not applicable yet to your business, but over time they will.

During this challenge, we will ask you to reply to our emails with learnings, difficulties, and feedback. Please do this, as it will help you get the most out of the challenge!

Best of luck,

Chris & Marlies