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What is Growth Hacking?

How can you make Growth Hacking work in almost any business? As I tell people a lot, growth hacking is a “Raped Buzzword.” There’s a lot written about it, but not many have understood and captured the true essence of growth hacking or growth marketing. In the last decade, I’ve worked with hundreds of organizations to implement this way of working and I’ve seen many roads to failure and success. People are constantly debating if …

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Structuring for Extreme Revenue Growth Book

Quickly Monetize Your Biggest Opportunity Can you turn this Extreme Revenue Growth Book into 100.000 euros+ of extra revenue? That’s the question I continuously asked myself when I wrote this book. It was vital for me to give people an Extreme Revenue Growth Book with a clear roadmap. For example, a playbook can significantly impact their topline revenue. Because there’s an important lesson, I learned early in my career: Sales solves everything. Get the Ebook Right Now! …