Myths About Growth Hacking

What are the biggest growth hacking myths?

There are several myths surrounding growth hacking and growth hackers. High time they were dismantled once and for all. Ellis and Brown list the following three myth busters:

  1. There are no silver bullets
  2. Growth magicians do not exist
  3. It’s not only about customer acquisition

Let me explain. What works for you doesn’t necessarily work for someone else. You need to keep pushing and searching for more wins to grow faster. You do this as a team. People who can perform all the skills at a high level are like unicorns. They don’t exist. The mantra of ‘let’s hire a growth hacker and sit back and relax’ is simply wrong. It doesn’t work like that. There are people who are really good
at coming up with creative ideas and others who are better at execution. There is also more to growth hacking than just acquiring new customers. It has to do with everything that is related to growing a business.